What is the online training software?

When it comes to getting together for classes, the first thing that many people think of is students. However, in fact, not only students but also corporate employees will get together for classes. I believe everyone knows that today’s companies are paying more and more attention to the improvement of employees’ skills, which is why so many companies hire lecturers from time to time to teach their employees. An epidemic not only moved offline classrooms online, allowing educators to adapt to the emerging online education model, but also moved corporate training from offline to online. Nowadays, many companies have opened their own Online training, so the question is, what are the online training software? What features does a perfect online training software need to have?

Nowadays, there are quite a few software that support online training functions. In addition to specialized corporate training software, SaaS systems can also provide corporate training services. Provide online training services.

 What functions does a perfect online training software need to have?

Rather than knowing what online training software is currently available, I believe everyone is more concerned about what functions a perfect online training software needs to have?

1. Live recording function

In fact, to a certain extent, online training is similar to online education. Lecturers can choose to live lectures for employees, or they can choose to record the courses in advance through recording and broadcasting, and then upload them to the system background for employees to view at any time. . Therefore, whether it is live broadcast or recorded broadcast, it should be the basic function of a complete online training software.

2. Playback function

Different people have different abilities to accept new knowledge and new things. Some people are faster, while others are slower. Therefore, this requires that online training software must have the function of course playback. , so that if employees do not understand something, they can watch it again by themselves, so that they can better master the training skills.

3. Interactive function

Regarding the interactive function, it is also a common point between the online training system and the online education system. The so-called interactive functions here include that instructors can call names and ask questions online, and employees can ask questions online and interact with students.

4. Exam function

Teachers need to grasp the learning situation of students, and correspondingly, lecturers also need to grasp the learning situation of employees. Therefore, a perfect online training system software also needs to have the corresponding examination function. The lecturer can grasp the staff’s learning situation in real time through the in-class quiz. Learning situation, in order to facilitate the adjustment and improvement of the later training program.

5. Course resources

In traditional lecturer training, most of the lecturers develop courses and get the content of the courses by themselves, but nowadays many perfect online training software, such as the Xiaogetong platform we mentioned earlier, are equipped with their own course malls , the lecturer does not need to make it by himself, just select the courses according to the industry field from the background mall.