Software development is one of the most promising areas today. To give you an idea, IT professionals are among the 10 hardest to hire, according to a 2020 ManpowerGroup study.


The shortage of talent is a good sign for those going to college. If you obtain a degree and develop the necessary skills , there will be room in companies and opportunities throughout your career.

What Is Software Development?

Software development is the computing segment that, using programming languages, creates and implements computing solutions. For this, the professional needs to be attentive to the needs of the interested parties and to know how to exploit the capabilities of existing devices.

What does it take to work in the area?

The areas of technology require the ability to learn since languages, software development , and hardware are in continuous evolution. Thus, those who can adapt and deal with this volatility are more likely to work in the area.


Another important difference is that, in addition to the higher education course, certifications are very frequent requirements in companies. That is, after learning and studying a competency, for example, a programming language, it is worth looking for organizations that offer tests and recognize your knowledge and skills.


Therefore, when going to college, prioritize a more general education. If you have a broad vision and master the key points of the subjects, it will be easier to adapt to the routine of learning new skills and gaining recognition. In the case of Unopar, you can obtain certifications with important partners.


The diploma will also be important to conquer the first opportunities. From there, you can understand what the needs are and continue your studies, while gaining experience as a software developer.


What Higher Course Trains Professional Software Developers?

The  Computer Engineering course  is the best way to start your career in software development. This is because, in addition to the subject being a central theme during graduation, the training is generalist and gives you the tools to walk on your own two feet, making the necessary updates in the future.

As it is a Bachelor’s degree, the training has a robust workload, lasting 5 years in the face -to-face teaching modality . Unopar’s curriculum ranges from the most basic to the specific challenges of the profession, covering, among others, the following topics:

general knowledge of Exacts — Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Instrumental Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.;

knowledge common to Engineering  — Material Science, Technical Design, Administration and Economics for Engineers, Control and Automation of Industrial Processes, Process Control, etc.;

study of the hardware part  — Electric Circuits, Analog Circuits, Computer Architecture and Organization, Electrical Materials and Semiconductors, etc.

software and systems development — Software development Engineering, Database Programming, Data Modeling, Operating Systems, etc.

On the course page, you will find the complete route guide, where you can learn more about the graduation stages and disciplines. It is also worth mentioning the practical part of the qualification. In addition to the mandatory internship, Unopar facilitates access to software development vacancies through  Canal Conecta , which is an exclusive benefit for our students.

If you have difficulty paying for the course, be aware of scholarship and student credit options. In addition to  Prouni  and FIES , in which it is necessary to reach the cut-off mark  in Computer Engineering , Unopar brings its own solutions to facilitate your training.

What is the job market scenario for this profession?

The difficulty of finding qualified professionals translates into opportunities for graduates in the field. The consultancy Robert Half lists the developer among the prominent positions in the job market , as well as brings great average salaries in its 2020 Salary Guide :


software engineer — BRL 10,050* to BRL 20,450*;

full mobile developer — BRL 4,650* to BRL 9,450*;

full back-end developer—R$4,650* to R$9,432*;

full front-end developer — R$4,650* to R$9,450*;

full stack developer — BRL 5,000* to BRL 10,200*.

The term front-end refers to the visual and user interaction part of the technology, while the back-end corresponds to the background application of the system. The fullstack would be the professional who can handle both phases without problems. In all cases, the Computer Engineering salary   is a great return on investment.


How To Stand Out Professionally?

Upon completing a higher education course at Unopar, you will have a diploma recognized by the job market and you will have access to the first opportunities to work with software development. Subsequently, with the knowledge acquired during graduation, it is necessary to build competitive differentials to be a professional of excellence.

Invest In Specialization

First, it is important to find good areas to pursue specializations and certifications. The ideal is, as soon as you occupy the first positions, to evaluate which are the functions above yours and the career perspective, seeking free courses and postgraduate courses to climb the ladder of the profession.


Make A Good Network

As it is a very practice-oriented area, having good professional relationships and building a network of contacts makes even more difference. It’s just that referrals are a way to validate skills , giving the recruiter information beyond what is present in the professional resume.

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